What is givme

You know how after a night out you ask your friends to send you the pictures they took, and they never do? Yeah...we hate that too.

So we're introducing givme. It automatically creates a shared photo album for friends that you took photos with. It's private photo sharing for real friends.

We connect you to your friends using your native address book and use location informaton to notify you when there are photos available to request or share.

It's really that simple. Download, install and let givme do the work. No more cloud folders, email invites and public photo albums. givme let's you request and share with a swipe and a tap.

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Who is givme

Robert Etropolsky


A startup kid who is the co-owner and director of Nanushka.

The only movie he’s cried at was Björk’s Biophilia concert film.

He loves ice cream more than you do. Seriously, don’t even start.

Murray Hidary


A tech startup veteran who was around before they were even called startups.

He used to be neighbors with Jay Z. But in Tribeca, not the Projects.

He once convinced a girl that he’s a high-end kale dealer. As in the vegetable.

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